Blitch Associates, Inc is a financial advisory firm, working primarily in the Utility District industry. We assist our clients in funding bond sales with Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), Public Utility Districts (PUDs), Cultural Education Facilities Corporations, small cities, and other specialized financing projects.

Our clients are located all over Texas. We have over 70 municipal governments that we work with on an annual basis, and the list is growing every year.

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Current Projects
"Achiiles" Blitch, Consultant

George has been raising this valuable consultant since he was just a young pup. He's 8 years old, and one of our best employees! Just don't leave your food unguarded!

"Mandy" Blitch, Consultant

Mandy is the newest addition in the Blitch business. She is around 11 years old and has been with us for over four years.

Did you know?
Bill and George Blitch formed Blitch Associates in November, 2009. Together, with Don Grimes, they have over a century of experience in the business!
AWBD - Summer Conference
Bill Blitch received the "Visions Award"from AWBD in Fort Worth, honoring his dedictaion and service to the industry for over 40 years!
AWBD Program Committee
Both Bill and George serve on the AWBD Program Committee, helping to organize the seminars during the AWBD conferences.
Contact info
  • Bill: 713.467.7344
  • George: 713.933.0430
  • Don: 850-570-8528
  • Toll Free: 877.933.0430
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